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Alyeska Pipeline DAF Roof System Replacement 

Customer Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Location Valdez, Alaska
Completed July 2011
Contract $1,383,000
Market Commercial Energy Services

Teaming with Butler® Manufacturing, ASRC Builders designed and constructed a replacement dissolved air flotation (D.A.F.) facility replacement roof system.

image007 The scope of work required removing the entire 40,000 square-foot roof, down to reveal its structural components and demolishing the existing electrical systems, then installing the new roof. The project included installing a new “wind-wall” for added environmental protection.

The town of Valdez, Alaska is among other cities in Southcentral and Southeast Alaska renown for heavy annual precipitation, heavy snowfall (average 305.8”) and frequent high winds. Our pre-engineered design considered these elements, to provide long-term reliability and structural integrity while reducing maintenance costs over the life of the facility.

image001 The ABL construction team coordinated design services with the Butler Manufacturing Roof Group in Kansas City, MO. Upon completion of the design, ASRC performed all materials procurement and shipping efforts from Visalia, CA to Valdez, AK – including open-ocean transport.

ABL was able to recruit qualified labor that could pass stringent screening, onboarding and training requirements, as well as commit to working the entirety of this project in accordance with client-approved safety and quality control/assurance processes. We self-performed all work and completed 7,196 man-hours with zero lost-time safety incidents. The reliability of our management and field crew was instrumental in preventing any delays on this time- and mission-sensitive project.

image005Exceptional coordination between ABL and the client led to a swift execution of the project in addition to early procurement of long-lead items and strict inventory control which improved control of on-site materials. As a result, ABL was able to complete this project 30 days ahead of schedule, meet our target price and provide a lasting solution that will protect and preserve this critical facility well into the future.