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Petro Star North Pole Refinery Facilities 

Customer Petro Star Inc.
Location North Pole, Alaska
Completed December 2010
Contract $4,000,000+
Market Private Commercial

This Design-Build project consisted of designing and constructing three new support buildings for a fully operational refinery in North Pole, Alaska. The contract included construction management, building design, civil site development, pre-engineered metal building erection, wood framed construction and pre-cast concrete panel erection.

The general scope included extensive site work, coordinating utility connections (water and sanitary sewer services) and construction of three separate buildings with traditional and pre-engineered metal building technology:

  • 3,550 square foot single-story Administration Building
  • 5,100 square foot Maintenance Building for maintenance and repair
  • 1,975 square foot Control Building to operate the refinery

Petro Star Refinery
Similar to the Valdez refinery facilities (built during the same time frame), the Administration Building was constructed of metal and wood framing, while the Maintenance Building was a pre-engineered metal building supplied by Butler Manufacturing. The Control Building was a blast-proof, pre-cast concrete building situated within the refinery’s production area.

The design was completed by Burkhart-Croft Architects of Anchorage, with consult by ASRC Builders design/build and value engineering plan. The contract required full-service, integrated project delivery and coordination between the Owner, designer, and ASRC Builders to prevent disruption to ongoing refinery operations.

In order to comply with newly published requirements for petroleum refinery operations, our design incorporated blast-proof technology on buildings situated within the blast zone. As on the technical design team utilized for the laboratory, we engaged a specialized blast-proof construction technology specialist who analyzed all elements of construction for blast-proofing, including windows, doors, HVAC intake and exhaust, pre-cast concrete walls and roof system, in addition to all exterior improvements.

When complete, the design incorporated all requirements for blast-proof construction, but was aesthetically balanced for a clean and professional appearance to the public.

Despite having the capability and expertise required to self-perform much of the work on this project, we elected to subcontract over 50% of construction, that resulted in reaching a two-fold objective:

  1. Allow more of our critical manpower resources to focus on the construction of the larger Design-Build Petro Star Valdez Refinery project to ensure timely completion, and
  2. Promote local hire. ABL specializes in the development and promotion of local workforces, particularly women-owned, minority-owned and veteran-owned business concerns. The use of local workforces reduces costs to the project (eliminating travel costs) and minority/women-owned businesses assists ABL and the Government in meeting the stated subcontracting goals.

Through creative construction methods, ASRC Builders was able to reduce costs in several areas, including off-site fabrication of the pre-cast panels (where we provided an independent third party inspector to monitor and evaluate fabrication) and a reduction in freight costs by bulk-shipping 90% of the entire materials and equipment package on one barge which reduces the need for expensive “less-than truckload” shipments. As a cost reimbursable contract, the client realized approximately $100,000 in savings as a result of these two measures.

The following video shows a time-lapse of a portion of the construction process: