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Petro Star Valdez Refinery Facilities 

Customer Petro Star Inc.
Location Valdez, Alaska
Completed October 2010
Contract $6,000,000+
Market Private Commercial

This full-service design-build project was one of two projects ASRC Builders managed in the same time frame in 2010. The contract with Petro Star Inc. included extensive site work, installation of new utilities including water and sanitary sewer services in addition to construction of three separate buildings:

  • Petro Star - Valdez 7,950 square foot two-story Administration Building with offices, a library, and chemical laboratory
  • 5,200 square foot Maintenance Building for maintenance and repair
  • 2,400 square foot Control Building to operate the refinery

Petro Star - ValdezThe Administrative Building was constructed using a combination of metal and wood framing, while the Maintenance Building used a pre-engineered metal building package supplied by Butler Manufacturing. The Control Building incorporated blast-proof pre-cast concrete building technology, situated within the refinery’s production area.

Petro Star - ValdezBurkhart-Croft Architects was selected to lead in design, with consult from ASRC Builders implementing energy efficient and cost-effective building techniques that considered inclement weather conditions, for durability through heavy wind, rain and snow common in the south-central region of Alaska.

Through effective project management, Petro Star benefitted from accelerated delivery, as well as savings achieved through a properly executed design-build project delivery. By investing in front-end improvements to design quality and thorough planning, the overall efficiency was improved, and long-term operating costs of the facilities were reduced. Working together, the team was able to complete this and the refinery at North Pole well under budget while achieving exceptional quality.