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Port of Nome Causeway Improvements 

Customer City of Nome
Location Nome, Alaska
Completed May 2013
Contract $643,600
Market Marine

The safety and usability of facilities at the Port of Nome were improved with a new lighting system ABL furnished. These improvements enable year-round ground operations. As the prime general contractor, we provided a range of services during the line extension and upgraded electrical service. With a commitment to community, we satisfied our self-perform labor requirements locally and maximized the use of local subcontractors.

electricalThe project included erecting two 100’ mast light towers supported by driven pile and cast-in-place concrete foundations, independent power supplies and supporting electrical connections.

Material delivery was delayed over one month due to late spring and ice-pack release from the port. ABL evaluated the situation, compressed the construction schedule and still met the original completion dates. We worked with subcontractors to get commitment on the new milestones despite initial hesitation stirred by potential challenges due to unknown conditions of the existing bedrock and thick permafrost (frozen ground). Pressing forward, we were successful in meeting our deadline, despite unforeseen issues with armor stone that complicated pile driving efforts. We completed the project with zero lost-time incidents.