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USAF External Aircraft Tank Storage System Shelter 

Customer Hawaii Air National Guard
Location Oahu, Hawaii
Completed March 2012
Contract $430,420
Market Federal Government

ASRC Builders teamed with Blue Scope Construction to construct a new 9,000 square-foot pre-engineered metal building for military aircraft fuel tank storage. The ABL team provided design assistance and consultation for the pre-engineered metal building and supporting foundations system and collaborated with the Owner and Design Team for a complete design-build of mechanical and electrical systems, including a lightning protection system.
ABL managed all construction and coordinated subcontracted work scopes, including mechanical, electrical and overhead door design/installation. Our own crews self-performed anchor bolt placement, steel erection and installation of the wall and roof systems.
As a government contractor, our mission was to provide the Hawaii Air National Guard with a safe and secure storage facility for mission critical fuel tanks in support of jet aircraft operations throughout the Pacific. Our approach was designed to comply with all government quality control requirements while delivering the facility safely, and within the budget and allowable time frame.

exterior_editThe project required careful coordination of all logistical matters, particularly the PEMB package and roofing and wall covering materials. Thefacility location on the prevailing wind side of the island created frequent high-wind hazards that prevented installation of some building components as scheduled. In order to ensure our workforce operated in a safe environment, our safety team developed and implemented a site-specific plan that constantly monitored wind speeds and stopped work at unsafe times of the day.

Technically, the design considered aspects such as the internal air transfer since the facility is located in a high humidity area, and avoiding build-up of condensation was crucial in preventing damage to the building and its contents. Our materials and methods included specialty coatings and finishes used on structural components to promote longevity.
Our safety program took advantage of all available resources in following our own corporate HSET program as well as that of both BlueScope Construction and those of the Hawaii Air National Guard. Our Safety Team implemented additional fall protection and riggers training for all personnel, and utilized the Butler SkyWeb system to provide an additional level of security to workers atop the structure while installing the roof structural members, insulation and coverings. With these measures in place, ABL completed the project without incident and delivered a quality solution that prioritized the needs of our client, and the Hawaii Air National Guard.